Indian Hawthorn

Indian Hawthorne

Indian Hawthorne - Enlarge

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Uses Groundcover, Hedge
Common Names
Scientific Name Rhapidophyllum hystrix
Cold Hardiness Yes
Light Needs Best growth in full sun
Flower Pink Flower
Blooms Spring/Showy
Water Needs Moderately drought tolerant
Leaves Medium Green
Evergreen/Deciduous Evergreen
Length of Life Perennial
Mature Height 2-5 Feet

A gardener’s delight and a beautiful specimen, the Indian Hawthorne is a low maintenance shrub and the medium pink flowers against the dark leaves lends a gentle note to the landscape. Used as a screen hedge it’s dense, showcase growth pattern serves your property lines informally and sets the tone for an organic landscape design. This evergreen thrives well in full sun, but will develop leaf spots if placed in total shade.

Originating from southern China, it is a traditional plant in southern United States and grows well in Orlando gardens. Some landscapes feature them as dwarf-like trees that reach 15 feet, planted in a series along the walkway to the front door, or as a stand-alone specimen in a tree well. The Hawthorne has a practical application in China. The fruit is edible and when cooked, makes a tasty jam. Nice.

Indian Hawthorn

Indian Hawthorn


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