Mature Jatropha

Mature Jatropha - Click to Enlarge

Uses Shrub, Hedge, Specimen, Miniature Tree
Cold Hardiness Freezes at 28 Degrees
Light Needs Needs full to partial sun.
Flower Color Red
Blooms 3-4 times on and off, lasts a few weeks
Water Needs
E/D Evergreen
Life – A/P length Perennial
Mature Height 10-12 Feet if left to grow
Growth Rate Medium

If you want an especially attractive, fast-growing shrub to replace some fallen soldiers, this is the plant to place in the bare opening you need to fill. The plant gets its name because of the flowers’ similarity to Precious or red coral and held together in flat-topped clusters, on long stalks that extend over the foliage, blooming all year long—especially during hot weather. Even without flowers, the delicate-looking, 7 to 15 leaf clusters grow up to 12″ across, dark green above and lighter green beneath.

They look beautiful as a potted plant, particularly in a tiled entry, adding a tropical feel to the space. A mass of these plants in a special spot on the lawn will help draw attention to a water feature or statuary in a very graceful and unobtrusive way. A natural butterfly attraction—Zebra Longwing, Monarch and Gulf Fritillary, to name a few—the coral plant gives you many reasons to give it a home in your landscape design.




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