Fishtail Palm

Common NamesFishtail Palm
Scientific NameCaryota mitis
Hardiness Zones10-11
Mature Height15-25 Feet
Growth RateModerate
Flower ProminenceInconspicuous
Flower ColorFull sun to partial shade
BloomsAverage water needs
Water NeedsConsistent moist soil, Moderately Drought Tolerant
Cold ToleranceModerately Cold Hardy when mature
Light NeedsFull Sun to Partial Shade
Fishtail Palm
Fishtail Palm – Click to Enlarge

Named for the shape of their leaves, Fishtail Palms are a lovely addition to your landscape.

Their flower clusters make an interesting contrast to the leaves, leaving the impression of a visiting not-so-close relative. They do require some watching after—keeping the soil moist and making sure they get plenty of sun in the Orlando area. They’re a little iffy in cold temperatures when they’re young. Give them plenty of room and a dominant position, as they can grow tall quite quickly. Originally natives of India, they will give your lawn an exotic look and surrounding them with Birds of Paradise will emphasize their striking appearance.

Interesting to note that in India, the stem yields an edible starch and the palm heart is a typical food as well. The sap is made into a palm sugar or fermented to make a liqueur. Might be fun to have friends over for Fishtail cocktails.


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