Orlando Palm Trees

Not many things identify a tropical part of the country as much as a palm tree. Few people living in Orlando realize the vast selection of sizes any types available. One can find a palm tree for almost any applications. This table shows the most popular palms used in our area with some basic characteristics. Click on any column to sort the list or any underlined tree to learn more details and view pictures.  Learn about several types of Orlando landscaping designs that can all feature a few of palm tree varieties.

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Palm Tree Cold Hardy Drought Tolerant Shade Tolerant
Alexander Medium Medium No
Areca Yes Yes Yes
Bismark Very cold hardy Yes No
Bottle No Yes No
Canary Island Date Yes Yes No
Coconut No Yes Partial
European Fan Yes Yes Yes
Fishtail No Medium Medium
Foxtail Medium Yes No
King Sago Yes When Mature Moderately
Lady Palm Yes Yes Yes
Medjoole Date Yes Yes No
Paurotis Yes Yes No
Phoenix Reclinata Yes Yes No
Pindo Yes Yes No
Ponytail Palm Yes Yes Partial
Pygmy Date/ Robellini Yes No No
Queen Yes Yes No
Royal No Yes No
Sabal Yes Medium No
Sylvester Yes Yes Yes
Traveler’s Medium Yes Medium
Windmill Yes Yes Yes
Washingtonia Yes Yes No



Click to find more information about Miami palm trees.