Avocado Trees


Avocado Tree Fruiting Season Comments
Lila July – August Medium size, green skin, pear shape.
Lula November – February Large green skin.
Joey September – October Medium size thin mexican variety.
Fantastic August – September Large, paper thin, green skin.
Mexicola June – July Small, black, thin skin/
Pancho July – August Medium to large, green skin, Mex variety.
Brazos Belle August – September Purple to black skin, very cold hardy.
Brogdon July – September Smooth purple to black skin, 8 to 12oz
Day July – September Smooth green skin, medium size, good in pots.
Winter Mexican November – December Small, green, tender skin.
Hall October – November Large 24 to 30oz, pear shape
Marcos Pumpkin October – November Large 30 to 40 oz, green.
Monroe November – January Large, green, 16 to 24 oz. Commercial favorite. Makes great shade.

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