Bismark Palm Tree

Bismark Palm

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Common Names Bismarck Palm
Scientific Name Bismarckia Nobilis
Hardiness Zones 10-11
Mature Height 30-40 Feet
Growth Rate Slow
Flower Prominence Moderate
Flower Color Cream Flowers in Clusters
Water Needs Moist, Well Drained Soil Ideal, Very Drought Tolerant
Cold Tolerance Moderately Cold Hardy
Light Needs Full Sun or Partial Shade

Native of the island of Madagascar, here is a palm that will get lots of attention with its canopy of silvery-leafed fronds and wide trunk. This popular rendition of the palm genus could be the “show-off,” with a spot of its own, to reign over your lawn. A slow grower, it will get up to 30 or 40 feet, so be sure to give its root system plenty of room to spread as it grows. Its mature crown will exceed 15 feet and the trunk can grow to 2 feet in diameter.

It’s inexpensive as trees go. It will, however, require care. To be sure it thrives, give the root system plenty of water—at least twice a week while it’s getting used to being a new inhabitant of your lawn. Once established, it will be a handsome addition in a prime location on your Orlando landscape, to give it the starring role it deserves.

Tall Bismark Palm

Tall Bismark Palm