Landscape Plants in Orlando

Blessed with a bounty of sun and rain, your Florida home can be a pleasing example of an abundantly verdant landscape. With an almost unlimited array of choices in the Orlando area, there is nothing like a generous display of greenery for so many reasons—being surrounded with beauty, color, scent, style and, of course, as an introduction to your home.  Visit this page If you would like to learn more about landscape designs typical in Orlando.

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Plant Primary Use Secondary Use Flowering Color
African Iris Groundcover Accent, Specimin Yes White
Agapanthus Groundcover Accent, Specimin Yes Blue, White
Alamanda Dwarf  Shrub Shrub Yes Yellow
Alyssum Accent Groundcover Yes Various
Anise Shrub No
Arboricola Trinet Shrub No
Azaleas Shrubs Yes Pink, Various
Aztec Grass Groundcover Accent No
Bird of Paradise Specimen Shrub Yes Orange
Giant Bird of Paradise Specimen Tree Yes White
Bougainvillea Vine Shrub Yes Purple, Various
Burordi Hollies Shrub Hedge No Red Berries
Caladium Groundcover Accent No Colored Leaves
Camellia Shrub Hedges Yes Red, White, Pink
Cardboard Plant No
Carissa Holly Shrub Yes White in the spring
Cast Iron Plant Accent Specimen No
Century Plant Specimen Accent No
Coleus Accent Plant Shrub No Brightly colored leaves
Confederate Jasmine Vine Groundcover Yes White
Cordyline Accent Specimen No Deep red, purple leaves
Creeping Fig Vine Groundcover No
Crepe Myrtle Specimen Tree Yes Red, Pink, Whites
Crotons Accent Plant Shrubs No Bright Colored Leaves
Crown of Thorns
Day Lilly Groundcover Yes Multi
Dianella Groundcover Accent Plant
Downy Jasmine Shrub Yes White
Drift Rose Groundcover Yes Red, Pink
East Palatka Holly Specimen Tree Red Berries
Eugenia Balls Topiary No
Firecracker Shrubs Yes
Formosa Azalea Shrub Yes Lavender
Green Fountain Grass Ornamental Grass Groundcover No
Foxtail Fern Groundcover Accent No
Gardenia Shrub Groundcover, Tree Yes White
Geraniums Accent Flower Specimen Yes Red, Pink, White
Ginger Shrub Hedge Yes Varigated Yellow Green
Goldmound Groundcover Accent No Gold Leaves
Hibiscus Shrub Accent Yes Red, Yellow, Various
Ilex Schilling Groundcover Accent No
Imapatiens Accent Flower Yes Pink Red
Indian Hawthorn Groundcover Yes Light Pink
Italian Cypress Accent Specimen No
Ixora Shrub Groundcover Yes Red, Pink
Jasmine Minima Groundcover Vine No Dark Green or Variegated Leaf
Jatropha Specimen tree Shrub Yes Red
Duranta Saphire Jasmine Shrub Yes Purple
Knockout Roses Accent Specimen Yes Red
Lady Palm Accent Specimen No
Lantana Groundcover Yes Purple, White
Ligustrum Specimen Tree Shrub, Hedge No
Liriope Super Blue Groundcover Inconspicuous Purple
Loropedalum, Plum Shrub Yes Pink
Mondo Grass Groundcover No
Nandina Accent Specimen No
Oleander Shrub Specimen Tree Yes Many Colors, Reds, Pinks, White
Orchids Accent Flower Groundcover, Specimen Yes Bright Colors
Pampas Grass Specimen Accent No
Pansy Accent Flower Yes Purple, Yellow
Papyrus Accent Specimen No
Pandorea Vine Yes Pink
Parsoni Juniper Groundcover Yes Blue-Green Leaves
Pentas Accent Flower Yes Red, Pink, White
Perennial Peanut Groundcover Yes Yellow
Petunia Accent Flower Groundcover Yes Purple, Pink
Philodendron selloum Accent Specimen No
Pittosporum, Dwarf Shrub Groundcover Yes Variegated green & white leaves
Plumbago Primary Accent Yes Blue
Plumeria Shrub Yes White
Podocarpus Hedge Shrub No
Purple Queen Groundcover No Purple Leaf
Purslane Groundcover Yes White, Multi
Rubber Plant Accent Specimen No
Schefflera, Tall Specimen Accent No
Seagrape Shrub Accent No
Snapdragon Accent Specimen Yes Red, Pink, Yellow
Society Garlic Groundcover Yes Purple
Star Jasmine Shrub Yes White
Sweet Potato Vine Groundcover No
Sweet Viburnum Hedge  Screen, Shrub No
Texas Sage Shrub Hedge Yes Purple
Thryallis Hedge Shrub Yes Yellow
Trailing Verbena Groundcover No
Weeping Yaupon Holly Accent Tree No
Yellow African Iris Groundcover Accent Yes Yellow
Xanadu Philodendron Groundcover No
Zamia Coontie Groundcover No


Not the first word we think of when considering what we want to do with the area around our home, it’s really a good word to think about as you begin to plan what you want to assemble as, let’s call it an orchestration of “events.” Specimen is defined as an “item typical of a group or whole,” i.e. trees, ground cover, plants, etc. Now you can begin to make decisions, based on the specimens you prefer to use. A discussion of several may help you to form a picture of what a well-rounded setting might include.


A boon to the person assigned to mow the lawn, ground cover can be placed anywhere—lovely when it’s shaped organically—with most types being very hardy and not requiring special care. It can be used on areas that are difficult to mow, such as embankments or swales. You’ll just have to keep the edges neat with a weed-eater and perhaps the occasional “hair-cut” with the hedge clippers, if it threatens to grow higher than you prefer. The tiny leaf colors vary from a medium to a dark green. Confederate Jasmine flowers have the most intoxicating scent.


These specimens are so useful—and come in a variety of types. Azaleas love the southern weather and with their colorful display in front of a wall, or massed on a hill, they literally charge the air with color when they bloom. Non-blooming shrubs can become the centerpiece, for a flowerbed, that gradually layers down from tall to small. They can also start the blooming season, then become a quiet backdrop as smaller plants begin to bloom in front of them.


You may enjoy having them as a privacy border for your property, or using them to define
certain areas set aside for a specific purpose, such as a swimming pool or game court. They do require a bit of looking after with hedge clippers, depending on how tall you want them to be.
(Regular pruning will keep them from getting too “leggy.”) Other than that, once well rooted, they won’t require a lot of your time. They can border your front-door walkway nicely or enhance the wall of a front porch.


If you’re knowledgeable with the pruning hook and hedge clippers, you can train certain shrubs into pleasing shapes, such as round balls, on a single stem. It definitely takes some artistry, and if you don’t have this particular talent or knowledge you can buy them ready-made, with a certain resolve to help them keep their shape. Wonderful as an introduction to your walkway or front door, they lend a somewhat formal note to your residence. Investigate this charming garden inhabitant, and you’re likely to find other uses for them as you develop your plan.


Some plants are so special and of a certain size that they need to be a feature in the landscape. Look for these types, such as a Weeping Youpon Holly, which maintains it’s diminutive size and contributes a graceful note or a Giant Bird of Paradise that stands out as a colorful accent to enhance an area that might otherwise be a lonely corner.

When you look at this collection of specimens, spend some time considering how you can orchestrate them to make your home a pleasure to approach and especially to enjoy when the weather encourages outdoor activities.