Common NamesLily-of-the-Nile, African Lily
Scientific NameAgapanthus orientalis
Cold HardinessYes
Light NeedsPartial Shade is ideal
Flower ColorBlue, white
BloomsSpringtime for 6 weeks
Water NeedsSteady
Life – A/P lengthPerennial
Mature Height 3 Feet
Growth RateSlow

As a ground cover this plant has a lot going for it. It’s long slender leaves that spread out, fan like are the perfect backdrop for its long-stemmed flowers. For six weeks in the spring, it puts on a lively show. As a slow grower, it would be a good landscaping solution for an embankment, along a walkway or against a fence.

For an added exotic flavor, our horticulturist friends tell us that the name of Agapanthus is derived from the words ‘love’ and ‘flower’ from the Greek language. We say it blooms for six weeks. However, it has been known to bloom in late December for a welcome surprise. The cluster of flower petals have a funnel shape and range in numerous shades from a blue-violet to a pure white. This plant thrives in a sunny yet sheltered place. Regular watering—avoid letting the soil dry out—and feeding with fertilizer will keep it healthy, if the soil drains well. In preparation for winter, be sure to mulch this plant thoroughly for the promise of those gorgeous flowers in the spring.


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