Find the right groundcover for your yard in Orlando. Click on the characteristic on top if you would like to sort or click the underlined plant to learn detailed info and view pictures.

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Groundcover Flower Leaf Color Cold Hardy Shade Tolerant Growth Height
African Iris White Light Green Yes Yes Upright 3 Feet
Agapanthus Blue, White Medium Green No Upright 4-5 Feet
Alyssum Red, Yellow Dark Green 6 Inches
Aztec Grass No White Yes Yes Upright 10-12 Inches
Caladium No Red, White, Pink Yes Upright 2 Feet
Confederate Jasmine White Yes No
Dianella No  Variegate white-yellow-green Yes Yes Upright 30 Inches
Drift Rose Red, Pink, White Medium Green Yes No Upright 2 Feet
Foxtail Fern No Light Green Semi Semi Upright 24-30 Inches
Dwarf Pittosporum Inconspicuous Yes No Upright 2 Feet
Goldmound No Gold Yes No Sprawling 2 Feet
Ilex schilling No Medium Green Yes No Oval Shaped 2.5 Feet
Indian Hawthorne Pink Medium Green Yes No Upward 2 Feet
Jasmine Minima No Dark Green or Vareigated Yes Yes Sprawling 2 Feet
Lantana Purple, White Medium Green Yes No Sprawling 12 Inches
Liriope Super Blue Inconspicuous Yes Yes Upright 2 Feet
Mondo Grass No Medium Green
Orchids Purples, Pinks Yes Yes Sprawling 18 Inches
Parsoni Juniper No Blue Green Yes No Moderately Sprawling  2 Feet
Perennial Peanut Yellow Medium Green Semi No Sprawling 3-4 Inches
Purple Queen No Purple No Yes Sprawling 12 Inches
Purslane White, Multi No No Sprawling 4-5 Inches
Day Lily Multi Color Medium Green Yes No Upward 2 Feet
Society Garlic Purple Medium Green Yes Yes Upward 14 Inches
Sweet Potato Vine No Lime, Black No Yes Sprawling 12 Inches
Trailing Verbena
Yellow African Iris Yellow Medium Green Yes No Upward 3 Feet
Foxtail Ferns No Light Green Yes Semi Upward 2 Feet
Xanadu Yes Yes Sprawling 2 Feet
Zamia Coontie No Evergreen