Live Oak Tree

UsesLarge Shade Tree
Scientific NameQuercus virginiana Miller
Cold HardinessVery cold hardy
Light NeedsFull Sun
Flower ColorInconspicuous
Water NeedsDrought Tolerant
LeavesMedium to dark green
Life – A/P lengthUp to hundreds of years
Mature Height 50-100 Feet
Growth RateMedium
Price Point6 Inch would be around $300
Oak Tree
Oak Tree – Click to enlarge

Most likely, the best deciduous tree for Florida, as it thrives in the hot climate and withstands the extreme hurricane weather with a gracious spread of limbs and branches that have so much character. Sometimes mistaken for the Laurel Oak, it’s helpful to know that the Live Oak spreads its branches horizontally, as the perfect shade tree—while the Laurel’s branches tend to grow upright.

Because of the live oak’s outstretched canopy, hanging moss will grace its branches, adding a romantic look to their appearance. Some might say that a Live Oak may be less suitable for a lawn, but with proper pruning, it will become denser and spread less. It’s also a good idea to collect the acorns and pull volunteers up by the root, to keep the area clear of competition. With a Live Oak on your lawn, you’ll have a gorgeous southern tradition charming the landscape.


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