Queen Palm

Queen Palm

5 Year Old Queen Palm

Common Names Queen Palm
Scientific Name Syagrus romanzoffianum
Hardiness Zones 9b-11
Mature Height 30-50 Feet
Growth Rate Fast
Flower Prominence Showy
Flower Color White Creamy Grey
Water Needs Moderate Drought Tolerance
Cold Tolerance Cold Hardy
Light Needs Full Sun

This queenly palm has a smooth straight gray trunk, ringed with pronounced leaf scars and crowned with a large umbrella of feathery fronds—dark green, with two rows of leaflets. Recognized for its spectacular display of flowers and fruits, the flower clusters erupt from their pods during the summer. You can look forward to the appearance of green fruit in the early winter. Eventually turning orange, the round fruit hangs in cascades of up to six feet in length.

This stately, single-trunked palm is a regal addition when it’s used in commercial or home landscapes, planted in rows on 15-foot centers to line a street or walk or in an impressive grouping that introduces visitors to an estate. Growing best in full sun, Queen Palm is well suited to Orlando’s mild climate, gracefully capturing the title as the paradigm of the species.