Bottlebrush Tree in Bloom

Bottlebrush Tree in Bloom - Click to Enlarge

Uses Shrub, Flowering Tree
Common Names Callistemon
Scientific Name Callistemon citrinus
Cold Hardiness Yes
Light Needs Full Sun
Flower Color Red
Blooms Springtime, last for six months
Water Needs Drought Tolerant
Leaves Medium Green
E/D Evergreen
Life Perenial
Mature Height 18 Feet
Growth Rate Moderate

Coming from Australia, via a twist of Texas, this species becomes an interesting feature when it’s turned into a tree. The shrub is just as attractive as it features the flowers more prominently. This species loves the sun and it loves Orlando. Flowering profusely for six months makes it a good investment to keep your landscape a lively show when other plants are resting. It is a cold hearty species and survives an unusually cooler winter. However, if the winter is warm, the buds arrive sooner and stay longer. It makes a nice introduction to your property; one on each side of a walkway, leading to the front door would make a lovely impression—tempting passersby to touch the feathery blooms.

If you prefer the tree form, it may be eventually set off with a well-trained ligustrum hedge growing around its trunk up to canopy height, allowing the flowering tree to crown the hedge. Nice.


Young Bottlebrush Tree