Accent Plants

Here are some of the most common accent plants thriving in our area. Learn more about how they can be used in a few different Orlando landscape designs.

Accent PlantFlowerLeaf ColorCold HardyShade TolerantGrowthHeight
African IrisWhiteLight GreenYesYesUpright3 Feet
AgapanthusBlue, WhiteDark GreenYesYesUpright3 Feet
Aztec GrassNoWhiteYesYesUpright10-12 Inches
AlyssumWhite, Yellow, PurpleDark GreenYesNoSprawling6 Inches
CaladiumNoRed, White, PinkYesYesUpright2 Feet
Cast Iron PlantNoMedium GreenNoYesUpright4 Feet
Century PlantNoSilverYesNoUpright8 Feet
CordylineNoReds, PurpleNoYesUpright6 Feet
CrotonsNoYellows, RedsNoPartialUpright6 Feet
DianthusRed, BlueGreen, Blue-GreenYesNoSprawling18 Inches
Drift RoseRed, Pink, WhiteRed, Pink, WhiteYesNoUpright18 Inches
Foxtail FernNoLight GreenYesSemiUpright2 Feet
Eugenia BallsNoDark GreenYes
GingerNoVariegated Yellow GreenYesYesUpright4-5 Feet
GoldmoundNoGoldYesNoSprawling2 Feet
HibiscusRed, YellowDark GreenSemiNoUpright5-6 Feet
Ilix SchillinsNoMedium GreenYesNoOval Shaped2.5 Feet
ImpatiensRed, PinkMedium GreenNoYesSprawling18 Inches
Italian CypressNoRich GreenYesNoUpright20 Feet
Knockout RoseRedDark GreenYesNoUpright5-6 Feet
Lady PalmNoMedium GreenYesYesUpright6-7 Feet
NandinaNoMedium GreenYesNoUpright7-8 Feet
Nelly Stevens HollyRed BerriesDark GreenYesSemiPyramidal8 Feet
OrchidsPurple, PinkMedium GreenYesYesSprawling18 Inches
Pampas GrassNoGrassYesNoUpright6-8 Feet
PapyrusNoMedium GreenYesNoUpright4-6 Feet
Philodendrum SelloumNoMedium GreenYesYesUpright
PlumbagoBlueMedium GreenYesNoUpright Sprawling5-6 Feet
Rubber Plant/TreeNoMedium GreenNoNoUpright35 Feet
Schefflera, TallNoMedium GreenNoYesUpright18 Feet
SeagrapeNoMedium GreenYesYesUpright12 Feet
SnapdragonRed, Yellow, PurpleMedium GreenNoNoUpright18 Inches
Weeping Youpon HollyNoGreenYesNoMiniature Tree8-9 Feet
Yellow African IrisYellowMedium GreenYesNoUpright3 Feet
Zamia CoontieNoDark GreenYesYesUpright4 Feet

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