Washingtonia Palm Tree

Common NamesWashingtonia Palm, Washington Palm, Mexican Fan Palm
Scientific NameWashingtonia Robusta
Hardiness Zones 8b-11
Mature HeightUp to 50-60 Feet
Growth RateModerately Fast
Water NeedsDoes not need a lot of water, plant in a well draining area
Cold ToleranceVery cold hardy for Orlando
Light Needs Full sun
Two Washingtonia
Two Washingtonia – Click to Enlarge

This majestic palm tree is truly a sight to see! Growing to heights of up to 100 feet, Washingtonia palms are especially impressive when planted in rows along street frontages or grouped in large, open areas. The Washingtonia is one of the most popular palms in Florida. Its distinctive appearance and exceptional height make it a common and striking sight near beaches and along boulevards.

The Washingtonia palm has a single heavily textured trunk ringed with old leaf scars. Somewhat bulging at the base, the trunk narrows as it rises. The crown is composed of large, upright fronds borne on thorny, bright orange stems. The tips of individual leaflets droop attractively. Washingtonia blooms in early summer. The small white flowers appear in clusters on long stalks below the crown and mature into black, berry-like fruits.

Washingtonia palms love direct sun and thrive in almost any well-drained soil, even sand. Washingtonia is salt and wind resistant and can withstand prolonged dry periods, although they grow faster and show better color with regular, moderate watering. The thatched “skirts” of dead fronds typical of this palm usually aren’t a problem in the humid and breezy Florida climate. Young trees are suitable for container plantings and add tropical flair around swimming pools or patios. Plant mature trees in open spaces where they won’t dominate the landscape or interfere with structures.


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