Foxtail Palm Tree

Common NamesFoxtail Palm
Scientific NameWodyetia bifurcate
Hardiness Zones9b-11
Mature Height20-30 Feet
Growth RateModerate to Fast
Flower ColorCreamy White
Water NeedsWell Hydrated, Quite Drought Tolerant when Mature
Cold ToleranceModerately, Temperatures down to 25-30 Degrees, will show burn on tips, protection against cold needed
Light NeedsFull Sun or Partial Shade
Foxtail Palm
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This Australian palm has only been under cultivation since 1995, but its attractive appearance and hardy nature have made it a favorite throughout Orlando in just a few years.

The foxtail palm gets its name from the unique look of its foliage. The tree is topped by a crown of between eight and 10 fronds. The fronds themselves are covered with long, light green leaflets that grow completely around the stem, giving them the look of a bottlebrush or bushy foxtail. The trunk is smooth, light gray, columnar or slightly bottle-shaped and self-cleaning. Masses of small white flowers appear under the crown and ripen into bright red fruits. Foxtail palms can reach a mature height of up to 30 feet and grow quickly, averaging 2 to 3 feet per year in optimal conditions.

Foxtail palms prefer full sun but will grow in partial shade. Even very young trees can withstand direct sun right after planting. Moderately cold hardy, foxtail palms easily survive temperatures down to 27 F. Frost damaged specimens have been known to make a full recovery within one season. Foxtails do well in well-drained soils, including rocky sand or limestone and are drought resistant. This tree develops a deeper root system than most palms and benefits from deep watering in loose soils, although watering is usually unnecessary during the winter months. The foxtail is moderately salt tolerant and established trees withstand winds better than other palms.

Popular as a landscape palm, the foxtail can also be cultivated indoors in sunny atriums, glassed-in porches or other areas that receive plenty of light. Plant outdoor foxtails where there is room for the mature crown, which can spread 15 to 20 feet across. Use this striking palm alone as an accent tree, clustered in small groups or planted in rows to line walkways and frontages.

Keep the Foxtail in mind as you create your landscape design.


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