European Fan Palm

Common NamesEuropean Fan Palm, Dwarf Fan Palm
Scientific NameChamaerops humilis
Hardiness Zones8b-11
Mature Height15 Feet
Growth RateIn Late Spring/Early Summer
Flower ProminenceInconspicuous
Water NeedsDrought Tolerant
Cold ToleranceCold Hardy
Light NeedsFull Sun Ideal, Shade tolerant but with a more spread out fan of leaves.
European Fan Palm
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European Fan Palm

Typically found in southwestern Europe (Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Malta) and northwest Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia), the European Fan Palm is the northernmost naturally growing palm in the world. Each leaf is up to 3-3.5 ft. long. The leaflets are 1-3 inches long. Its growth pattern is in clusters of “trunks,” which almost resemble stems, but perfectly proportioned to its height and fan size. Interesting about this palm is the fact that it takes a specific insect to pollinate it. No, you won’t have to find and purchase them; they’ll find it… The tree has such a fascinating shape, it might be perfect as the center piece in a garden, surrounded by and creating a 1 or 2 ft. bed of white chip gravel to emphasize it’s profile. Remember to put it in a full-sun area and, as with any plant, it likes water, but you can be stingy with it. They have a very graceful look. If you need a little grace, here’s your plant.


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