Meiwa Kumquat Tree

Species Name
Cold HardinessExtremely Cold Hardy
FruitSmall, sweetest of Kumquats
Fruit Season
Seed DensityVery few, small seeds, 3-5
Flower Color
BloomsNovember – May
Mature Height
Mature Canopy
Growth RateModerate

If you’ve always wanted to grow citrus at home but didn’t think you had the space, consider the Meiwa kumquat. This diminutive tree is far smaller than most standard citrus trees, growing to a maximum height of around ten feet with an equal spread. Unlike some kumquat varieties, which can become rather shrubby, the Meiwa is a true, single-trunked canopied tree that makes a delightful accent alone or in pairs. It can also be potted and grown indoors or out.

The Meiwa kumquat is a beautiful ornamental tree. The evergreen leaves are dark, leathery and glossy, two to three inches long and about half that width. The flowers appear in early to mid-summer and are white and inconspicuous. Both flowers and foliage are sweetly scented. The fruit usually appears in clusters of three or more. Meiwa kumquats are more round than oval and golden yellow in color. The entire fruit is edible and has few if any seeds. The rind is sweet or slightly tart and the flesh is very sweet. Meiwa kumquats can be eaten straight from the tree, candied or preserved in syrups, jellies or jams. Fruit usually begins to ripen in November, continues to deepen in sweetness throughout the winter, and is at its best in February.

Meiwa kumquats are cold hardy to temperatures of 15 F. They do well in almost any well-drained soil and are generally resistant to diseases and pests. Although they grow best in full sun, they will thrive and produce fruit when lightly shaded by larger trees. They need very little outside water, but they do benefit from irrigation if dry weather occurs during flowering or while fruit is setting. Pruning is unnecessary except to allow easy access to fruit. When potted for indoor applications, keep your Meiwa kumquat tree in a sunny location and water only when the soil appears dry.

This attractive little tree is ideal in side yards or small lawns or used to shade a garden bench or table. It is a cheery addition to indoor landscapes, where its sunny fruit and sweet perfume will brighten winter days.



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