Royal Palm Tree

Royal Palm Tree

Royal Palm Trees

Common Names Royal Palm
Scientific Name Roystonia olerecea
Hardiness Zones 10-11
Mature Height 60-80 Feet
Growth Rate About 1 Foot per Year
Length of Life In Late Spring/Early Summer
Flower Prominence Showy
Flower Color Light Cream or Yellow
Blooms Mid Summer, Sometimes repeatedly
Water Needs Average, Do not overwater
Cold Tolerance Low Cold Tolerance, Tropical Palm
Light Needs Full Sun to Shifting Shade

“Stately” is the best word possible to describe the Royal Palm.  It is practically the signature palm tree for the South Florida area, lining Key Biscayne Blvd, office buildings, and property of mansions.  The large challenge for the Orlando area is the fact that they aren’t extremely cold hardy.  The sometimes harsh (relatively speaking that is for all the Northerners) cold snaps we encounter can damage the Royal Palm, especially younger, less established trees.

Ask Palm Gardens Nursery about how to keep them alive with a little preventative maintenance on possibly cold nights with a steady supply of water on the ground to freeze in order to provide a barrier to the sensitive root system.  They have rows of mature Royal Palms ready for delivery and installation to any Orlando yard.

If you take the extra care necessary to own Royal Palm trees, you and your neighbors will enjoy the ever-present show.

Develop a landscape design in your yard including a Royal Palm.