East Palatka Holly

East Palatka Holly

Trimmed East Palatka Holly - Click to Enlarge

Uses Accent Tree, Specimen Tree
Scientific Name lex x attenuata ‘East Palatka’
Cold Hardiness Extremely Cold Hardy
Light Needs Full sun to partial shade
Fruit Red Berries
Water Needs Drought tolerant when established
Leaves Dull Green
Mature Height 30-45 feet
Life Evergreen
Mature Width 12-15 feet
Canopy Shape Moderately pyramidal

This charming Florida native adds visual interest year-round. First discovered in 1972, East Palatka holly has become a popular landscape element in Florida gardens.

East Palatka holly is an evergreen shrub that grows to as tall as 35 or 40 feet in height. It naturally assumes the shape of a loose, asymmetrical pyramid. It can be pruned to be more uniform or allowed to grow as-is. The oval leaves are dark green and glossy with one prominent spine at the tip and occasionally one or two others. The inconspicuous flowers are white or gray and appear in the spring. In the fall and winter months, East Palatka holly is covered with clusters of cheery red berries. The fruit tends to be heavier near the top of the tree and is very popular with birds.

Grow East Palatka holly in full sun, partial sun or partial shade. It’s not particular about soil type and has low water needs once established. East Palatka is an extremely sturdy holly. The branches are wind resistant, and the tree is seldom troubled by diseases or pests. Fruit and leaf litter is not a problem with this tree.

Use East Palatka as an ornamental specimen or street tree or informal hedge. The narrow profile of single-trunked East Palatka holly is perfect for homes with narrow yards or limited vertical space.