Haden Mango Tree

The Haden mango tree is a vigorous grower that can bring a true tropical atmosphere to any home or business landscape in the Orlando area. Since its origination in Florida in 1910, this prolific producer has become one of the most widely cultivated mango varieties in the world.

Species NameMangifera indica Hayden
Hardiness Zones9-11, Cold hardy to 25 degrees when mature.
FruitMedium size with a bright yellow color under a crimson blush. Firm, juicy flesh has a tropical aroma
Fruit SeasonSummer
Seed Density
Flower ColorWhite to pink small flowers on long clusters.
Mature Height
Mature Canopy
Growth Rate
Haden Mango
Haden Mango – Elarge

Care Information

The Haden mango is a large tree that should be planted in moist, well drained soil with full exposure to the sun. It can grow to over 20 feet in height when mature, but will still produce well when kept trimmed at 15 feet. If provided adequate nutrients, young trees will begin producing fruit in as little as 5 years. The Haden mango is susceptible to certain kinds of fungus and should be treated on an annual basis. Mature trees will tolerate cold temperatures, but care should be taken with younger trees if temperatures drop below 30 degrees. Regular fertilization will assist in increased fruit production.

Design Ideas

The large, ovular and open canopy of the Haden mango tree defines the essence of a tropical setting. Because of its large size, it is often used as a centerpiece around which broader tropical plant landscape settings are developed. Both the long clusters of flowers and the yellow-red fruits add a delightful backdrop of colors from early spring to late summer.



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