Weeping Yaupon Holly

UsesAccent Tree, Specimen Tree
Scientific NameIllex Vomitoria “Pendula”
Cold HardinessCold Hardy
Light NeedsFull sun to partial shade
Flower ColorInconspicuous
Water NeedsModerate, Drought Tolerant
Mature Height 8-10 Feet
Life20 Years

Choose this tree and you have an unusual specimen in your landscape. It grows just the opposite way of any other tree in your landscape—down. This is where the “weeping” name comes in. It is an evergreen holly and after the tiny white flowers have their way with it in the spring, the red berries take over in the fall and winter. Nice to have them against a white or weathered gray fence to show off all that red.

This hardy shrub is a very tolerant species, from a variety of soils to being unafraid of salt. It’s performs well as a hedge, screen or windbreak. If you do want to make a barrier with it, be sure and give them plenty of room to grow together—like about 5 feet apart. Its fast growth and small leaves facilitate a topiary treatment. Keeping a few around the yard is good to provide food and shelter for our feathered friends.


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