Cocktail Citrus Tree

Species Name Citrus Sinensis
Hardiness Zones 9-11, Semi-cold hardy.  Be Ready to cover with floating row cover that won’t rest on leaves.
Fruit Multiple varieties on the same tree: Lemon, Grapefruit, Oranges, lime, tangerines.
Fruit Season October-January
Seed Density Varying
Flower Color White
Blooms Late September
Mature Height Many varieties, depending on fruit selection
Growth Rate Moderate

As a tree that keeps on giving, the cocktail citrus is a delight to own while we watch it flower and grow delicious fruits. We’ve learned the best way to keep them healthy is to purchase the dwarf variety to grow in large pots. Much easier to move inside when a frost threatens. They will require a little care:  use a fertilizer, especially developed for citrus, as they prefer nitrogen and phosphorus. Be sure and talk to your nurseryman about the details of caring for these prolific little trees. It’s certainly well worth it. They add wonderful color to a patio when the fruit starts growing and being close to the hose spigot is even better. They love the water, but the pots need to be drainable. From October to January, you can make fresh lemon pies, Orange Roughy and have grapefruit for breakfast. Lovely!

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