Orlando Shade Trees

Shade Trees Flowering Type Comments
Magnolia Yes Evergreen One of the rare flowering shade trees
Sweet Gum No Deciduous
Drake Elm No Deciduous Although the look is very deciduous, has very short time with no leaves
Camphor No Evergreen Get Extremely Large
East Palatka Holly No Deciduous Pyramidal, short, specimen holly tree
Ligustrum No Evergreen A great trainable and shapable specimen tree
Live Oak No Evergreen Florida’s most prominent shade tree
Oak Leaf Holly No Evergreen Conical shaped dark evergreen specimen tree or shrub.
Orchid Yes Semi Evergreen Hong Kong Orchid, Risky for Orlando
Chinese Elm No Deciduous Fast Growing, 25-30 feet
Florida Maple No Deciduous Native, gets 35 Feet Tall
Weeping Yaupon Holly No Evergreen
Japanese Blueberry No Evergreen Pyramidal evergreen tree
Nellie Stevens Holly No Evergreen Red berries in wintertime