Paurotis Palm

Paurotis Palm

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Common Names Everglades, Silver Saw, Saw Cabbage
Scientific Name Acoelorrhaphe wrightii
Hardiness Zones 10a-11
Mature Height Up to 25-30 ft
Growth Rate Slow
Flower Prominence Not
Water Needs Likes moisture
Cold Tolerance Cold hardy to 28 degrees
Light Needs Partial to full sun
Price Point

Also known as the Everglades or silver saw palm, the Paurotis is native to Florida and is one of the few palms that thrives around standing water. Plant the Paurotis near canals or at lakeside and double your pleasure by enjoying the water’s reflection of this unusually colorful palm tree.

The Paurotis is a clumping palm that grows multiple slender trunks loosely sheathed in brown fibers. The trunks grow away from each other at different rates, creating a striking, asymmetrical silhouette. The crown consists of as many as 25 fronds that are fan-shaped, 2 to 3 feet wide, deeply segmented and dark green above, silvery below. Jagged rows of bright orange teeth line the leaf stems. Showy white or yellow flowers borne on bright orange stalks appear above the crown in late spring and result in small, black fruit. The Paurotis is a slow but steady grower. Individual trunks can eventually reach a height of up to 30 feet.

Both salt and wind resistant, this hardy palm thrives in most soils, can tolerate boggy conditions and doesn’t mind wet feet. The Paurotis can survive limited dry periods but regular watering during droughts results in faster growth and brighter color. The Paurotis is cold hardy to the mid-20s and thrives in full sun, partial sun or partial shade. The suckers that regularly appear around the base should be removed promptly to limit new trunks and preserve a clean look.

Plant the versatile Paurotis around ponds, near wetlands or in low spots where water naturally accumulates. Use it to create “islands” of interest in large lawns. A row of Paurotis makes a uniquely tropical alternative to a traditional shrubbery hedge. Flank an entry or pathway with a pair of Paurotis palms and illuminate from below with landscape lighting for a spectacular nighttime display.