Phoenix Reclinata

Common NamesSenegal Date Palm
Scientific NamePhoenix reclinata
Hardiness Zones9b-11
Mature Height20-30 Feet
Growth RateFast
Flower ColorTiny cream colored flowers
Water NeedsDrought tolerant, likes well drained soil.
Cold ToleranceShould survive Orlando cold snaps
Light NeedsMuch prefers full sun
Phoenix Reclinata
Phoenix Reclinata – Click to Enlarge

The gracefully curving trunks of the clumping Phoenix reclinata palm can create a stunning architectural element in your Orlando landscape.

Also known as a Senegal date palm, Phoenix reclinata is a multi-trunked tree that grows to between 25 and 50 feet in height. The slender stems are topped with long, deep green fronds that droop attractively and curl back toward the ground. The leaf stems are armed with sharp spines near the trunk. The creamy yellow flowers are borne on 3-foot-long inflorescences that appear below the feathery crown and are replaced by clusters of bright yellow fruit. Although the fruits produced by Phoenix reclinata are edible, they are smaller than traditional dates and largely composed of seed.

Phoenix reclinata grows faster than many popular palm trees. It loves bright sunny locations and almost any well-drained soil. Phoenix reclinata is drought tolerant. Deepen the colors of its naturally vibrant foliage with regular watering.

Phoenix reclinata looks great in larger yards or against tall buildings where it creates a striking silhouette, especially when spotlighted at night. Young trees are suitable for container planting. The many curving trunks of Phoenix reclinata can grow into a heavy thicket of twisted leaves and branches when left untended. Selective pruning to remove spent fronds and unwanted suckers will open up the structure of this unusual tree and let its true beauty shine.


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