Orlando Shrubs

Use the list below to find the shrub you need for your landscape. Reorganize the chart below by clicking on the desired characteristic. View pictures and get more detailed information by click on the underlined plants.

ShrubsFlowerLeaf ColorCold HardyShade TolerantGrowthHeight
Alamanda DwarfYellowMedium GreenNoNoUpright4-5 Feet
AniseNoMed GreenYesNoUpright10-12 Feet
Arbicola TrinetNoVariegatedYesYesUpright4 Feet
AzaleasPinkMed GreenYesYesUpright5 Feet
BottlebrushRedMedium GreenYesNoUpright18 Feet
Burfordi HollyNoDark GreenYesNoLarge CompactUp to 15ft
CamelliaMulti ColorDark GreenYesYesUpright10-12 Feet
Carissa HollyWhiteDark GreenYesNoUpright3-4 Feet
Downy JasmineWhiteMed GreenYesNoUpright3 Feet
Duranta Saphire JasminePurpleMed GreenYesNoUpright4-5 Feet
Indian HawthornPinkishMed GreenYesNoSprawling2 Feet
Formosa AzaleaLavenderMedium GreenYesYesUpright10 Feet
FirecrackerRedLight GreenYesNoUpright4-5 Feet
GardeniaWhiteMedium GreenYesNoUpright5-6 Feet
GingerNoVariegated Yellow GreenYesYesUpright4-5 Feet
HibiscusRed, YellowDark GreenSemiNoUpright5-6 Feet
IxoraRed or PinkMed GreenNoNoUpright3 Feet
JatrophaRedMedium GreenYesNoUpright8 Feet
Knockout RosesRed, PinkDark GreenYesYesUpright3-4 Feet
Star JasmineWhiteMed GreenYesNoUpright5 Feet
PlumbagoYesBlueYesSemiUpright5-6 Feet
Loropetalum, PlumPinkMedium GreenYesNoSprawling2.5 Feet
PodocarpusNoMedium GreenYesSemiUpright10-12 Feet
SeagrapeNoMed GreenYesYesUpright12 Feet
Oleander (Dwarf)Multi ColorDeep GreenNoNoUpright3-5 Feet
Texas SagePurpleLight GreenYesNoUpright6 Feet

Shrubs As A Secondary Use

These plants are not used primarily for shrubs but might make the perfect selection under some circumstances.

ShrubFlowerLeaf ColorCold HardyShade TolerantGrowthHeight
Bird of ParadiseOrangeMedium GreenYesNoUpright5 Feet
BougainvilliaPink, Red, WhiteLight GreenNoNoUpright10-15 Feet
CrotonsNoYellows, RedsNoYesUpright6 Feet
LigustrumNoDark GreenYesYesUpright18 Feet
ThryallisYellowMedium GreenYesNoUpright6 Feet

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