Common NamesAzaleas
Scientific Name Rhododendron indicum
Cold HardinessYes
Light NeedsShade Tolerant, like to live under trees
Flower ColorPink, Red, White, Salmon
BloomsVaries depending on variety
Water NeedsWater when soil is dry
LeavesMedium Green
Life Perenniel
Mature Height 5 Feet, varies by variety
Growth RateSlow to Moderate

So many festivals…so little time. The South celebrates the Azaleas with a kind of homage equal to visiting royalty. Azaleas are one of the most famous flowering plants anywhere in the South. It’s gotten so that these flowering shrubs have been bred and hybrid until there are so many varieties it’s impossible to keep up with all of them. If you are considering the idea of putting azaleas in your landscape, take a ride in an older neighborhood during blooming season and get an idea of the colors—how they look against a house, fence or wall. Notice how they grow. They are a hearty plant, but do require feeding and pruning to stay at their best. Once you’ve decided you’re in love and make your choice, it’s a good idea to talk to the nurseryman to get an idea of where they will show and grow to advantage.

Did you notice any dwarf azaleas? They make a beautiful border in pots on a patio. They do best in the shade, but be sure their roots can drain when they’ve just been planted. Once down into the ground, they’re on their own!

The Indigo is the largest version, used frequently for a full flowering shrub. They are stunning when massed under a tree or on an embankment. Usually blooming in the spring, they’ve been known to pop their blossoms at other times. Nice surprise!

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