Nellie Stevens Holly

UsesAccent Tree, Specimen Tree
Common NamesNellie R.Stevens Holly
Scientific NameIlex x ‘Nellie R. Stevens’
Cold HardinessVery Cold Hardy
Light NeedsFull sun to partial shade
Flower ColorNo Flower
FruitRed berries, prominent in winter
Water NeedsModerate, Drought Tolerant
LeavesDark Green
Mature Height 10-14 Feet
Life25 Years
Mature Width5-7
Canopy ShapePyramidal
Nellie Stevens Holly
Nellie Stevens Holly

Be aware that the Nellie Stevens holly does come in two forms: the bush type, with multiple branches at the bottom and the tree type, which has just one stem. When buying it as a specimen tree, be sure to remove some of the lower branches to see the trunk. As a bush, it can be grouped as a screen. However you wish to use it, this holly makes a fine addition to the landscape—particularly when the prominent red berries appear in the winter and its branches can be used to help celebrate the season during the holidays. The berries also attract birds, so you’ll have lots of twittering to enjoy as well. This is a perfect plant for Orlando because it requires lots of sun, yet looks like it’s making a visit from the north, lending a unique counterpoint to your collection of typically southern plants and trees.

Unfortunately, the Nellie Stevens is susceptible to the Witches Broom disease. For an alternative immune to it and also grows faster, see the Oak Leaf holly.


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