Sabal Palm

Sabal Palm

Sabal Palm - Enlarge

Common Names Sabal Palm, Cabbage Palm, Cabbage Palmetto
Scientific Name Sabal palmetto
Hardiness Zones 8a-11
Mature Height Up to 90 Feet
Growth Rate Slow
Flower Prominence Inconspicuous
Water Needs Drought Tolerant
Cold Tolerance Cold Hardy
Light Needs Full Sun to Slight Shade
Price Point Inexpensive

Topping many landscapers list because of its shape and texture, the cabbage palm is a prevalent inhabitant in many Orlando settings. It has a single trunk that may occasionally reach 70 feet, so you have an attention-getter when you place one of these beauties in your yard. The crown reaches a diameter of 12-18 feet and, similar to other palms becomes wider when grown in shade. It’s not unusual for the leaf bases to have “guests” in the form of hanging ferns, orchids, ball moss and other species that come to land in its fertile nest.

Even if a new planting of palms might look like power poles for a while, never fear, if kept watered, it won’t be long before the roots shoot and leaves appear within a few months. Good to know: this is a frost-hardy plant and can withstand many degrees below 32. The Sabal is considered to be a street tree, so, by all means, run them across your front lawn for a stately effect. They’re also good at absorbing street noise. Nice.