Japanese Blueberry Tree

TypeOrnamental, Specimen Tree
Scientific NameEleocarpus decipiens
Cold HardinessExtremely Cold Hardy
Light NeedsFull sun
Flower ColorNo flower
FruitNo fruit
Water NeedsModerate
LeavesDark Green Leaves
CanopyDense pyramidal shape
Mature Height 20 Feet
Mature Width6-10 Feet
Growth RateMedium
Japanese Blueberry
Japanese Blueberry – Click to Enlarge

An interesting tree from the Land of the Rising Sun, the Japanese Blueberry is all about leaves, from crown to ground. Their oblong shapes seem to swirl about the trunk, in dense fashion, to give it a highly textural appearance. More like a shrub than a tree, its conical shape stands well by itself, as an accent, or functions efficiently as a barrier hedge. Its moderate growth rate may rarely need pruning. You can let it have its way, depending on its closest neighbor; it can grow from 6-10 feet wide.

Another interesting feature of this tree happens in the spring. Hairy, bronzy new growth eventually becomes deep glossy green leaves until the fall, when older leaves turn bright red just before dropping. Our horticulturist friend tells us that planting some Sword Fern in the shade of this tree will add a woodsy look and a row of them will make a great wind break, if you need one.


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