Variegated Dwarf Schefflera Arboricola

Common NamesVariegated Dwarf Schefflera, Umbrella Plant
Scientific NameSchefflera Trinette
Cold HardinessFreezes around 28 Degrees
Light NeedsFull to Partial Sun
Flower ColorNo Flower
Water Needs
LeavesVariegated, yellow, green, Evergreen
Mature Height 4 Feet
Growth RateSlow to Medium
Price PointMedium
Arboricola Trinette
Enlarge – Arboricola Trinette

This plant works great as a contrast to either dark green shrubs or White Aztec grass . The most used version of this plant is the variegated because of the uniqueness of the yellow, white, and green almost striped leaves. It also grows in a dark green version if you like the shape of the plant but not the color. The leave colors remain consistent throughout the year.

This plant is not the most cold hardy shrub around for the Orlando area but it is such a great to a landscape that many are willing to take extra care to keep alive. If the temperature is threatening to drop below 28, you can cover it up which is fairly easy since you can keep them small. They will maintain the shape you keep it while trimming.

It has been used as a hedge throughout the city but better options for hedges exist.


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