UsesAccent Plant, Specimen, Shrub
Common NamesCroton
Scientific NameCadiaeu variegatum
Cold HardinessLow, freezes at about 32 Degrees
Light NeedsMore intense flowers with more sun
Flower ColorInconspicuous Flower
Water NeedsPlentiful water and humidity
LeavesVibrant Yellows & Reds
E/D Always has leaves
Mature Height 8 Feet High, 5 Feet Wide
Growth RateMedium

Not many plants can inject the colors of a tropical landscape quite like the croton. It does not flower, but grows brightly colored leaves—often presenting a variety of color on the same plant. The sharp reds, yellows, oranges, and greens will sometimes variegate on the same leaf. They love the sun; more sun brings out brighter colors. While often used as the ultimate accent plant, crotons can grow fairly tall and full with the a growth pattern that allows them to perform as a shrub.

While they grow well in the more tropical climate of Miami, in the Orlando area they will require a little extra care during the winter if you want to enjoy this colorful inhabitant in your landscape. If the temperature is predicted at or below 32 degrees, they must be covered. You can purchase reusable frost cloth at the nursery to keep these show-offs healthy, even when threatened with frost. If, however, you don’t cover them, they will die back and make take as much as a year to recover. Maybe a note on the calendar will help, come the cold months.


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