Eugenia Balls

UsesSpecimen (Topiary), Accent
Scientific NameSyzygium paniculatum
Cold HardinessYes
Light Needs
Flower ColorNo Flower
Water Needs
LeavesDark Green
Mature Height
Eugenia Balls
Eugenia Balls

The genus was named in honor of Prince Eugene of Savoy and the ball shapes are quite elegant and formal, especially when placed on either side of a nice staircase entry to one’s residence. Tall and narrow topiaries have been quite popular with the advent of formal gardens in European palaces being developed. Think of Versailles. Three ball versions seem to be the trend these days with larger specimens grown to a height of 6 to 8 feet. The dark green leaves make it a lush-looking plant and the flowers! Well, they are amazing and look like relatives of a fiber optic lamp.

Two varieties: one is a soft white, light pink at the base of the petals and the other a virtuous blazing white. Quite striking and something to look forward to seeing come Spring. They enjoy medium to bright sun, but require extra watering without a good rain to keep them slaked. It seems that they prefer to be in a pot, rather than in the ground and a handsome stone pot is the perfect vessel for this noble shrub.


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