UsesAccent plant, Specimen
Common NamesTi plant
Scientific NameCordyline Terminalis
Cold HardinessNot cold hardy. Cover with freezing temps.
Light NeedsFull sun to deep shade
Flower ColorNo Flower
Water NeedsPlentiful during 1st six months
LeavesVariegated light green to deep reds and purples
Life Perennial
Mature Height 3-10 Feet
Growth RateSlower
Light Cordyline
Light Cordyline

What an industrious little species. It can be a green spikey, leaved palm or a red, purple or blue shrub. Either way, it’s an interesting plant to give your garden an accent at the corner of your home or topping a small hill in a green lawn. It will grow to six feet, so be sure it has the room to be a star. You can plant it in the spring in fertile moist, soil; it also needs an opportunity to drain well. Shade tolerant you should keep it away from hot, dry or cold exposed areas. You’ll need to tie up the leaves when it gets cold.

Against a light-colored stucco wall, these shrubs stand out and make the wall seem more important, if that’s your goal. There are many varieties of this shrub; see how many you can find and try putting them together for a cordyline display. They love Florida, and Orlando is the right place to grow this handsome shrub.


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