Parsoni Juniper

Common NamesParson’s Juniper, Parsonii Juniper
Scientific NameJuniperus chinensis
Cold HardinessExtremely cold hardy
Light NeedsLikes full sun
Flower ColorNo flower
Water NeedsDrought Tolerant
LeavesLight blue-green
Mature Height 2 Feet
Growth RateModerate sprawling
Parsoni Juniper
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Well-known for it’s vigorous and hardy growth patterns, juniper is one of the best ground covers around today. Its graceful, lacey branches hug the ground and, in the right setting, they almost give the impression of jungle fern. It is an evergreen conifer, with scaly branches and needle-like leaves. The foliage has been described as bluish-green and grow in a domelike mound up to 2-3 feet tall, but they can spread up to 4-10 feet!

Originally from central Asia, Siberia and perhaps Japan, they do well in the Orlando area landscapes and can survive both weather extremes. Even as a great ground cover, it makes a beautiful edging with its feathery branches creating an organic look—if you like that look. Juniper is also one of the popular evergreens for bonsai fans. With a large variety of this species (there are more than 200), many landscapers mix and match to give the display some depth—very handsome.


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