Common NamesSplit Leaf Philodendron
Scientific NameMonstera deliciosa leibm
Cold HardinessYes
Light NeedsShade Tolerant
Water NeedsDrought Tolerant
LeavesDark Green
Mature Height Sprawling to 2-1/2 Feet
Growth RateMedium
Xanadu – Click to Enlarge

Most people who own one (or several of these plants) are madly in love with the shape of their leaves and their graceful, drooping growth pattern. Xanadu’s shape makes it a functional ground cover. It is a delicate perennial, but if you cut it back after a freeze, it will grow back soon enough with warmer temperatures. A lovely feature of this plant is its refreshing aroma, so that massing them as fillers in your garden will make it a pleasure to be working near them.

A member of the Philodendron family, it shows well as a tropical plant. Nor does Xanadu mind being in a pot, near the pool or on a patio and, fortunately, it’s also a tidy evergreen, growing to a height of 2′-6″. You’ll be happy with its rich, dense growth and low maintenance and pest resistance. A pleasure to watch it enhance your garden, Xanadu is a showy plant with lots of character.


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