Confederate Jasmine

UsesVine, Groundcover
Scientific NameTrachelospermum jasminoides
Cold Hardiness Extremely
Light Needs More light is better
Flower ColorWhite
Blooms3-4 Times Per Year
Water Needs Little once established
LeavesDark green, glossy, lighter underneath
Life Perennial
Mature Height 18 Inches
Growth RateFast

Adding charm to a fence, around a gate or an arbor is easy for this natural-to-the-south ground cover. Let it climb around your door. How romantic is that? Then, in the spring when you walk outside and it’s blooming you’ll be intoxicated with its heady scent, possibly even four times a year, depending on the severity of the previous winter.

Easily trained and very hearty, it does like the light and be sure to water new plants until they get a good root system going. Keeping them in large pots until they’re root bound might be a good idea before putting them in the ground. As a ground cover—very useful on embankments or swales that are hard to mow. They make a lovely dark green border as well. Since they’re evergreen, they’ll keep your garden and lawn looking healthy all year around. You’ll need to give them the weed-eater treatment to stay in control—fast growers and will take over unless that’s what you want in certain areas. Best not to let it get too high—some creatures like that…


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