King Sago Palm

King Sago

King Sago with Parsoni Juniper - Click to Enlarge

Common Names Sago Palm, King Sago Palm, Japanese Sago
Scientific Name Cycas revoluta
Hardiness Zones 8a-11
Mature Height 8-12 Feet
Growth Rate Slow
Flower Inconspicuous
Water Needs Moderately Drought Tolerant once mature
Cold Tolerance Cold Hardy, Freezes at 22 degrees
Light Needs Full Sun or Moderately Shade Tolerant, will grow larger leaves in shade

Native to the Far East, the mature King Sago Palm gets our attention with its crown of stiff, feathery, upright fronds (growing in a circular pattern), surrounded by a base of curved lateral fronds. Called a “break,” rather than adding continuous foliage, this palm produces a periodic “flush” of new leaves. Thus, the “crown” effect. Eventually offsets begin to grow at ground level and when they occasionally grow in the crown, you have an interesting prospect for a unique specimen.

New leaves all grow at the same time and are very delicate until hardening in several weeks time. Don’t touch! Make sure they get plenty of water during this period. Sagos can grow for 100 years and considered ancient “living fossils.” Easy to grow and care for—it will bring your landscape up to the Royal Level, especially if you add an oasis-like pool.

King Sago Palm

King Sago - Click to Enlarge


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