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Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise - Enlarge

Uses Specimen
Common Names Orange Bird of Paradise
Scientific Name Strelitzia reginae, S. Nicolai
Cold Hardiness As low as 24 Degrees
Light Needs Full Sun
Flower Color Orange
Blooms All Year, up to 30 times
Water Needs Plentiful during 1st six months
Leaves Medium Green
E/D Evergreen
Life Perennial
Mature Height 5 Feet
Growth Rate Slower

If you have a few small hills spaced nicely in your front lawn, why not crown them with a Bird of Paradise.  Brighten a lonely corner with its generous spread of greenery, or accent a swimming pool cabana with a mass of them on either side. The silvery leaves and large gold and blue blooms put on a show all year long, adding a regal look to the landscape.  There are two kinds, this traditional orange bird of paradise and Giant Bird of Paradise which is quite a bit larger and blooms a white flower.

This lovely is a florist’s dream and can bring it’s beauty indoors quite well, so you can be confident about taking a spray to a friend living in an apartment. You’ll want to give it plenty of room to spread out and water it industriously in the first six months.  Once grown, they are fairly independent.  However, be sure to cover them if the temperature is predicted to go down to 28 degrees.  You’ll be happy to learn that this specimen is expected to live for 15 years.  Gives you something to look forward to, doesn’t it?


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