Colorful Caladium

Colorful Caladium with Arbicola in the background

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Uses Groundcover, Accent Plants
Common Names Caladium, Angel Wings
Scientific Name  Caladium x hortulanum
Cold Hardiness Dies in winter
Light Needs Shade Preferred
Flower Color No Flower
Blooms  N/A
Water Needs  Should not dry out.
Leaves Red, Pink, White
Life – A/P length  Annual, Dies back every year
Mature Height  1 to 2 Feet
Growth Rate  Fast
Height  1 to 2 Feet

Exotically graceful, the Caladium adds a beautiful accent in a garden spot, with delicate, large leaves atop a long stalk, featuring a variety of colors from light to medium green, all red, green and red or mottled, as you see here. They die down in the winter, but come back quickly for a lush growing season all summer. Watching a gentle wind play among them is part of a visual reward from a mass of them, as they sway in rhythm with the breeze. The rich, red variety show well against a weathered fence or against a front porch wall. They’ll be ready to grow against an azalea hedge that has just finished blooming, keeping an otherwise quiet summer area alive with color.

They’ll need to be in shade, as the hot Florida sun can easily damage them. In fact, a bevy, under a low-canopied tree, is a nice way to treat them. They don’t need to be flooded with water, but be sure they’re not allowed to dry out.

Green Caladium

Green Caladium


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