Ruby Red Grapefruit

Inside Ruby Red Grapefruit

Inside Ruby Red – Click to Enlarge

Species Name Citrus paradisi
Hardiness Zones 9-11, Not very hardy
Fruit Pink grapefruit
Fruit Season Summer, after flowers
Seed Density Moderate
Flower Color White
Blooms Spring
Mature Height 15-20 Feet
Mature Canopy 8-12 Feet
Growth Rate Medium

Interesting to note that despite it’s being the product of cross-breeding between a sweet orange and a sweet pummelo (the largest of all citrus fruit), the grapefruit is acidic, unlike its parents. Maybe the parents didn’t like each other… Since then a new variety has been “backcrossed” between the pummelo. The result is the “Oro Blanca,” a cold-hardy fruit that shares characteristics of both parents. (Sounds ideal for the Orlando area.) The Ruby Red puts out white, very fragrant four-petaled flowers, followed soon thereafter with the golden fruit. It gets its name from its growth pattern: grows in clusters—like grapes. Good to know!

The grapefruit was originally brought to Florida in the early 19th century from Barbados, in the West Indies and backtracked to Polynesia and China. A well-traveled fruit, we observe. Grapefruit makes a great dooryard tree, especially when it’s blooming. It can also be the star of the show on the front lawn—perhaps a small orchard would be attractive. They are, after all, easy to care for and the neighbors would love it.

Mature Ruby Red Grapefruit

Mature Ruby Red Grapefruit

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