Duncan Grapefruit Tree

Species Name
Citrus paradisi Duncan
Hardiness Zones9-11, Not cold hardy
FruitWhite fruit
Fruit SeasonSummer, after flowers
Seed DensityHeavy
Flower ColorWhite
Mature Height15-20 Feet
Mature Canopy10-15 Feet
Growth RateMedium
Inside the Duncan Grapefruit
Inside the Duncan Grapefruit

Extra sweet, juicy and white, along with plentiful seeds define the Duncan. It was actually the first ever commercially grown grapefruit tree. Known for its cold hardiness, it also produced fruit with an abundance of seeds. It’s the seeds that make this outstanding fruit much more cold hardy than its seedless cousins. The Duncan can survive temperatures that drop down into the twenties. This grapefruit began its life in Pinellas County, over a century ago as a mutation of the pummelo and the pigmented grapefruit mutations from other grapefruit plants.

Order a Duncan White grapefruit tree today and you could be harvesting fruit in one growing season. You’ll enjoy how very large they are, standing out, hanging on the tree. Very picturesque and lush looking. Nice thing is that you won’t have to do a lot of looking after them, as they’ve been developed to be an independent citrus—quite apart from others in their family.



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