Meyer Lemon Tree

Meyer Lemon

Meyer Lemon

Species Name
Citrus x meyeri
Hardiness Zones 8a-11, Cold Hardy
Fruit Meyer Lemon
Fruit Season Winter
Seed Density  
Flower Color White-Pale Pink, Fragrant
Blooms Repeatedly throughout year
Mature Height 7-10 Feet
Mature Canopy 5-8 Feet
Growth Rate Moderate to fast

Fragrant blooms show their beauty repeatedly throughout year, but tree can bear fruit year around if grown on its own roots and in a climate without frost (or in a pot). You can expect the fruit to bear in about four years, or so. It does well in Orlando’s climate and, of course the scents are heavenly.

Since it’s a small tree, it can find itself in a niche, created by two flower beds, especially if they remain unshaded throughout the day. Just be sure they have space around them so that if the fruit falls it doesn’t kill any neighbors. Not actually a true lemon tree, the fruit is rounder and larger than the lemons we buy in the grocery store—but it’s sweeter and can carry its own weight in a lemon meringue pie! Then there’s the skin which can be candied and baked in a luscious lemon bread.

Meyer Lemon

5gal Meyer Lemon

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