Variegated Pink Lemon

Species Name
Citrus × limon L. Burm.f.
Hardiness Zones9,10,11
FruitPink Flesh Lemon
Fruit SeasonNovember-March
Seed DensityLimited Seeds, 0-5
Flower ColorPale Pink, very fragrant
Leaf ColorYellow & Green Variegated
Mature Height8-12 ft
Growth RateModerate

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor plantings, this unusual lemon offers something for every Orlando gardener.

The variegated pink lemon was developed as a hybrid of the Eureka lemon and the results are nothing short of remarkable. The variegated lemon, like all citrus trees, is an evergreen. Unlike most lemon, lime and orange trees that are covered with uniformly bright to deep-green foliage year-round, the variegated lemon presents unusually striking leaves that add visual interest even when the tree is not in bloom or setting fruit. New foliage is sometimes pink or even red, and mature leaves are glossy and green with cream or ivory edges. The flowers are small, pale pink and more deeply scented than other citrus blooms. The lemons themselves are a conversation piece. Yellow with pale green stripes when they first appear, they often become mostly yellow as they ripen. The flesh is pale pink, slightly sweeter than that of standard lemons and runs clear when juiced.

Citrus trees need plenty of sun to produce abundant fruit. Plant variegated lemon trees in a bright location, in well-drained soil that is free of grass, groundcover and other plants. While regular watering is necessary to establish young trees, most citrus varieties are very drought resistant and need little outside irrigation once they’ve reached full growth. Variegated lemon trees grow to between 12 and 15 feet outdoors but are easily kept in check with careful pruning. The variegated lemon typically blooms in late winter and early spring and produces winter fruit, but in Orlando may bloom and set fruit throughout the year, especially when kept indoors. If potted for inside cultivation, variegated lemons do best in sunny windows or patios where they can soak up between four and eight hours of sunlight a day. Keep the soil uniformly moist but not overly wet and prune to shape only when fruit and flowers are not visible.

This beautiful and unusual lemon tree is an asset in any dooryard citrus garden. Shelter it inside or plant it near windows where the delectable scent of the foliage and blooms will perfume spring and summer evenings.



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