Valencia Orange Tree


Valencia Orange

Species Name
Citrus Sinensis
Hardiness Zones 9a-11, Cold hardy
Fruit Orange primarily for juice
Fruit Season March – June
Seed Density 1-6 seeds per fruit
Flower Color White, fragrant
Blooms Spring
Mature Height 25 Feet
Mature Canopy 10 Feet
Growth Rate Moderate

Called a “compact evergreen,” the Valencia is a beautiful tree when the clustered flowers bloom. The delicate scent fills the air and again when the fruit follows the flowers, who sometimes hang around with the oranges. Elliptic, shiny, leathery leaves set the background for this delightfully happy tree. These oranges are known for their sweet succulence and easy to peel skin. The twigs on the other hand are thorny, so glove up when you’re going amongst them to pick the fruit.

All this flowering and fruit bearing goes on from spring to late fall/early winter, which gives you a lot to look forward to just about year around. In fact, last year’s oranges may still be on the tree when it blooms again in the spring. Actually originating in northwest India and southern China, it loves the Orlando area, meaning no worries, easy care and lots of goodies come your way with this lovely tree.


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