Sunburst Tangerine Tree

Species NameCitrus x tangerina
Hardiness Zones8a-11, not very cold hardy
Fruit2-1/2 – 3 Inches,
Fruit SeasonMid-November thru late December
Seed DensityHigh
Flower Color
Mature Height
Mature Canopy
Growth RateModerate
Inside the Sunburst Tangerine
Inside the Sunburst Tangerine

A delicious cousin of the orange, this lovely fruit loves Orlando’s climate. As long as it gets lots of sun and the temperature stays above freezing, you’ll have a wonderful source of vitamin C. The trees put their fruit out from mid November to late December in a flush of growth to please a citrus fan. The flowers are lovely too—white with the typical citrus scent. Even though they’re smaller than other citrus trees, they still require a lot of space to allow their crowns to attain their full growth pattern. An arbor of trees would make a wonderful poolside contribution, a small orchard at the corner of the front lawn is always attractive, or playing a starring role alone. The tree is handsome by itself and makes a nice introduction to your home in it’s own courtyard well. It also attracts the fabulous North American giant swallowtail butterfly, so get your camera ready for its visits. It raises a family in that tree.



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