Creeping Fig

Creeping Fig

Creeping Fig - Click to Enlarge

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Uses  Vine
Common Names  Creeping Fig
Scientific Name  Ficus pumila
Cold Hardiness  Freezes at 28 Degrees
Light Needs  Sun or Shade
Flower Color  No Flower
Blooms  N/A
Water Needs  Minimal
Leaves  Dark Green
E/D  Evergreen
Life – A/P length  Perennial
Mature Height  6-10 inches
Growth Rate Fast

Lovely in a pot—if you want to control it—lovely on an ugly wall if you want to hide it.  Either way this hearty plant can take a lot of heat, rain or whatever else Mother Nature decides to give it.

Subdivisions in Orlando love to put Creeping on concrete walls in common areas to produce a mass of green.  As a clinging vine it will sprout right up the wall, eventually covering it.  Good for this diminutive climber—It maintains consistency in color and density even with varying amounts of sun on the same wall.  It seems to enjoy being groomed and if you like classic lines to echo your traditional habitat, this is the plant for you.  It dresses up nicely, so don’t spare the clippers; you’ll love the way it looks.

As a ground cover, Creeping Fig will do wonders for an embankment or swale—and a patch here and there on the lawn does cut down on the mowing while it sets off a cunning flower bed as well.  Don’t forget the haircuts to keep it from getting unruly. Keep an eye on it; it’s a fast grower!


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