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Scientific Name Dianella tasmanica
Cold Hardiness Extremely
Light Needs Shade Tolerant
Color Incospicuous
Blooms N/A
Water Needs Fairly drought tolerant
E/D Evergreen
Leaves White and Variegated
Mature Height 30 Inches
Growth Rate Medium to Fast

With a beautiful name like Dianella (tasmanica) it’s no wonder it has attained the position of favorable plant in Florida’s welcoming climate. In spite of its being a low-growing ground cover, it radiates a dignity that only a purple flower and variegated leaves can give a vertical growth species over other types of border grasses. At the same time, when used en mass, it creates high drama as the focus of a flower bed that few others can match. The plant uses water intelligently, therefore uses less and keeps its head up, even during times of stress. It grows well in shade and edges a patio with style.

For its plain cousin, the variegated flax lily makes a quiet pairing and plays well with other flowering and tropical borders of any color, as the neutral white and green tones accent other plants perfectly. The leaves are slim, graceful and add a note of classical elegance to any flower bed.


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