Foxtail Fern

Foxtail Fern

Foxtail Fern - Click to Enlarge

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Uses Groundcover, Accent
Scientific Name Asparagus densiflorus 
Cold Hardiness Semi Cold Hardy, Freezes at 28 Degrees
Light Needs Sunny, brighter is better
Flower Color No Flower
Blooms  N/A
Water Needs Moderate Water; do not overwater
Leaves Light Green, resembles fox tail
E/D Evergreen
Mature Height 24-30 Inches
Growth Rate Medium

Foxtail Fern makes an attractive dense foliage houseplant, but it’s also a quirky little addition to a garden, with its stiff, upright plumes that form a radial clump with age. It’s also a good-looking plant in containers mixed with summer annuals as a powerful backdrop.      It gets along well in a cactus garden as a rich, daffy counterpoint to their strict profiles. Put them in pots, closely, in a row on a patio and they turn into a delightful little hedge at the perimeter. When they bloom, there are dozens of tiny star-like flowers that spiral around the stems.

Foxtail Ferns don’t require a lot of care, because they don’t require a lot of water. In fact, skip them every other time you’re watering your other ferns and they should be fine. They’ll look great around your steps to the front door and in baskets on your porch or patio.


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