Closely trimmed Goldmound - Enlarge

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Uses Groundcover, Accent
Common Names  
Scientific Name Spiraea japonica


Cold Hardiness Yes
Light Needs Not Shade Tolerant
Flower Color No Flower
Blooms N/A
Water Needs Fairly Drought Tolerant
Leaves Gold
E/D Evergreen
Life – A/P length Perennial
Mature Height Sprawling to 2 Feet High
Growth Rate  

A gorgeous, lively, full-blooming plant that adds a lush note to the landscape, Gold Mound is valued for it’s easy care and rewarding show. The bright gold foliage that maintains its color well, if placed in full sun, turns chartreuse when in partial shade. Planting it in well-drained soil with the root-ball slightly above ground level helps to keep the plant dryer. Even though it doesn’t require a lot of pruning, a light trim at the end of the first blooming will engender a new show of blooms.

A popular mainstay with landscape architects, they are often used as a border, or massed in beds because they show so well with adjacent plants. If you have a couple of 5′ wide spaces to fill, this shrub will do the job nicely. They can also be placed as a backdrop, an accent or for contrast in perennial settings with lantanas, daylilies and sedums.


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